The Biggest Threat to Christianity

The Biggest Threat to Christianity

The carnival, mega-church has recognized 2 very sad, but true issues:

  1. Most teenagers have no interest in going to church to learn the Bible and worship God.
  2. Most parents are in a constant power struggle with their teenager to go to church with them.

As a result, here's the solution they've come up with.

  1. Fabricate a common enemy to convince the parents and teenagers to believe it's not their fault, that they have no interest in church. The common enemy they fabricate are the churches and their pastors that believe, teach, and preach the Bible.
  2. Offer immature, silly, and extreme games that entertain the teenagers, and replace bible preaching with "story sharing".  Then send them home to their parents.
  3. When their parents hear about all the fun and excitement there are having at church, the power struggle is now over of fighting with them to go to church.

When this happens, another family is won over to a false Jesus, through a false church, that preaches a false gospel. This family will sit under "sharing", not preaching that emphasizes the love, grace and mercy of Jesus, without balancing the wrath, justice and judgment of Jesus.

The sad reality, that we must understand, is that the biggest threat to the true, Christ-centered, gospel-focused, Bible-believing church is NOT the world. It is NOT drugs, alcohol, the public schools, or the LGBT crowd.

The biggest threat to the TRUE church, is the false, carnival, mega-entertainment churches.

Christian families need to step up, and make their exodus out of Egypt.