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Hi, this is Pastor Fortunato. Welcome to my blog!

This blog serves as a writing space where I give insight into living the Christian life. I also provide warnings about the wordly dangers and influences that try to make their way into Bible-believing churches, homes & individual hearts.

I do not write long blog posts.

For that reason, most of what you read on this blog breaks all the traditional rules of blogging. You will not see "keyword rich" headlines and sub-headlines. Nor will you see the traditional format of an opening introduction, followed by long body copy, and ending with a closing paragraph. Rarely do I include a call to action.

Most of the blog posts take less than 2 minutes to read. It's written that way on purpose.

This blog is designed to give you, the Christian, a perspective to think about, a thought to meditate upon, a matter to pray about, and a useful lesson to apply to your life.

It's written to remind you that Christ is all!


Preaching Invitations

If you would like to inquire about having me in to preach, kindly drop me an email at: or send a text to: 931-219-2224.

I rarely travel long distances, because my main focus is spending time with my family and ministering to the small flock at Pilgrim Baptist Church.

However, if the Lord makes an opportunity clear and the timing is right, I'd be glad to prayerfully consider the honor of an invitation to preach.

Public Debates

I do not engage in public debates.

Instead, I am active in public evangelism with my church family at Pilgrim Baptist Church. We try to reach the lost with the gospel.

I am also active in the public proclamation of the Word of God, for the edification of the saints at Pilgrim Baptist Church, where I have the honor to serve as their Pastor.

I also write this blog for all the public to read.

For these reasons, I do not have the time or interest to busy myself with public debates.

Additionally, the framework of public debates compels each debater to double-down on THEM "being right" and "winning the debate"! That doesn't seem to me to be a space where there is much room for the Holy Spirit.

Please do not call, text or email me with invitations or challenges to debate.

Instead, I'll take the warning found in Romans 1:29 to not be full of debate!

Blog Comments

Because I don't have the time to answer every question and/or comment that may be left, this blog does not allow comments.

If I turned the comments on and tried to clarify every assumption, objection, or statement that I write, it would take me hours to do so. This would inevitably take away my time from writing, preaching and witnessing.

By default, it would end up changing the way I write, as I would start to anticipate what the comments may be. For these reasons, there is not a place to leave comments on the blog.

Finally, if you would like to leave an edifying comment, you'll find a place to do so on the repost of this blog found on our Facebook Page and YouTube Channel. However, because of time constraints, there is no guarantee that you will receive a reply back.

The Gospel

I hope this blog is a blessing to you. How please don't miss THE GOSPEL!

The Gospel Message of Salvation!