Sunday Choices and Priorities

Sunday Choices and Priorities

Upon receiving the miraculous, imputed righteousness of God, the believer now finds hope, comfort, peace, encouragement, grace, mercy, and eternal salvation in the person of Jesus Christ.

However, this miracle of God is often taken for granted by many Christians, as evidenced by the choices and priorities in their life.

For example, on Sunday...

Many saved people find going to the beach or lake, or participating in their favorite sport to be more appealing than going to the church-house on Sunday.

Some just look forward to sleeping in. Even more are just excited about getting a day off, and couldn't care less about investing time with the saints of God.

Gathering at the church house, on a Sunday morning, should be an exciting privilege to look forward to.

It's an honor and privilege to fellowship around the proclamation of God's word, sing praises to His name and fellowship with His saints.

How much you love the Lord and care about His people are evidenced by the choices you make for you and your family, on Sunday.