Start with them

Start with them

Pastors and veteran Christians must always remember that the newly saved Christian, or the new member at a local church hasn't been in THE BIBLE as much, or as long as you have. As a result, they don't...

  • see what you see.
  • know what you know.
  • pray like you pray.
  • understand what you understand.
  • believe exactly as you believe.

If we start with ourselves, and where our walk with the Lord is, we may be tempted to force their Christian growth. This could be based on our selfish desire to get them up to speed with where we think they should be in their walk with the Lord.

However, if we start with them, and where their walk with the Lord is, it shows compassion and concern. This gives them space to learn and grow. It recognizes the Holy Spirit's role in convicting and growing a new believer.

Remember: Knowledge puffeth up, but charity edifieth.