Romans 4 - Expository Sermons

Romans 4 - Expository Sermons

A verse-by-verse sermon series containing 6 expository messages from the Book of Romans 4.

Sermon 1: Romans 4:1-5
Monergism or Synergism: Was Abraham justified by faith or works?

Sermon 2: Romans 4:6-8
God's imputed righteousness to David without works!

Sermon 3: Romans 4:9-12
What came 1st for Abraham: Circumcision or Faith?

Sermon 4: Romans 4:13-17
The promise through the righteousness of faith.

Sermon 5: Romans 4:18-21
What was the hope against all hope that Abraham believed?

Sermon 6: Romans 4:22-25
Believe God & Stand Risen with Christ!

Hoping it's a blessing to the body of Christ.

To God be the Glory!