Preach and Declare

Preach and Declare

A preacher is called to do 2 things: preach the word and declare unto you all the counsel of God.

If you stay in the Bible, by default, you’ll end up declaring all the counsel of God.

This means that eventually you’ll come across something in the Bible that will offend someone.

This also means that everyone will eventually be offended by what is preached.

As a preacher, you can’t and won't get away from this. Jesus couldn't get away from it, so He asked his offended, murmuring disciples: “Doth this offend you?”

Preach plainly, preach in love, preach with tactfulness, preach with all long-suffering; but you must PREACH THE WORD!

And occasionally it might be necessary to sneak in this question: "Doth this offend you?"

Preach and declare!
It’s the only way to feed the flock of God.