Only what's done for Christ...

Only what's done for Christ...

The average "Christian" spends 40–50 hours per week in front of a computerized screen and/or scrolling social media.

Some "Christians" spend hours immersed in video games all week.

Hours are dedicated to playing sports and watching sports on the BIG screen.

Many "Christian" adults spend more time watching their favorite News anchor and YouTuber than they do with their own local church's activities.

C.T. Studd said: "Just one life will soon be past, only what's done for Christ will last!"

I don't see how hours of the above-mentioned stuff amounts to anything for Christ.

You can call yourself a "Geek under Grace" or a "Christian Athlete", but WHAT are you doing with the one life that God has given you to live down here on earth, that has ETERNAL value.

What are YOU doing for Christ?

Your favorite sports coach, news anchor, YouTuber, celebrity athlete, and video game hero didn't DIE for YOUR sins, and they know nothing about you at all.

But Christ knows you, DIED for YOUR sins, and saved you from Hell.

Why not dedicate hours of your life living for Him?