Old and bitter or better?

Old and bitter or better?

Adult's can easily recognize the boundless energy found in kids. Most young children can run and play all day without need for rest.

Adult don't have this type of energy anymore. Instead, the best we can do is look back and remember our youthful, energetic years.

There's another character trait of young children, that often goes overlooked. That is, most kids have the ability to switch gears and change direction quickly. This allows them to get over things fast.

When children get together with friends, most seem to be able to get over disputes and disagreements fast because the bigger picture of running and playing is in view.

It's a sad fact to say, but most children have better copings skills than adults do, when it comes to dealing with change, disputes, or disagreements. It seems more kids can simply "move on", while more and more adults simply cannot cope.

Maybe it's because some adults have stopped practicing, and praying about the importance of getting along with others, and getting over things. I'm convinced that some children are more mature in this area, than some adult are.

As we get older, we will lose some energy, but I don't believe we should lose the ability to get over things. If we lose this ability, we will end up teaching our young people to behave as immature, selfish adults who are too prideful to just move on and get over it.

I don't want to end up old and bitter. I want to end up old and BETTER.