Making mistakes

Making mistakes

We don't plan on making mistakes. Mistakes just happen.

We don't want to make mistakes. But, mistakes sure do want to show up.

Because of this, many people freeze in life. They come to a stand still and never attempt anything new or different because they're afraid of the mistakes.

However, there is another side of mistakes.

  • Mistakes remind us, that we could do better.
  • Mistakes remind us, that we're not perfect.
  • Mistakes remind us, that our idea wasn't really that good.
  • Mistakes remind us, that we need the help of others.

Could it be that making mistakes is God's way of humbling us?

I believe the fear of making mistakes is rooted more in pride, than most want to admit. The insecurity of living as a prideful perfectionist, and always trying to appear mistake-free, will actually stunt our Christian growth.

Let's move forward in life with the personal humility of knowing that mistakes will happen.

Remember, there is a BIG positive about mistakes. When we make them, it gives us an opportunity to rely on the Holy Spirit to see us through them. It also gives us an opportunity to show humility when someone corrects our mistake.