Legalism vs Licentiousness

Legalism vs Licentiousness

Legalism is attractive because it builds up self.

The spirit of legalism is about controlling everything, and defending that control with a spiritual reason. It undoubtedly leads to spiritual pride.

Licentiousness, on the other hand, is also attractive and lead to spiritual pride, as it also builds up self.

The spirit of licentiousness leads to loose morality and loose Christian living. The best picture of licentiousness can be found by looking at the modern, carnal mega-church.

Licentiousness is about controlling nothing. It uses spiritual reasons on why it's ok to have a license to "do whatever".

Both legalism and licentiousness causes dis-trust, and will cause Christians to depart from the faith.

They are both agendas of people’s heart.

  • Legalism says: You MUST comply with what I say is RIGHT!
  • Licentiousness says: You MUST comply with what I say isn’t WRONG!      

The true church must put BOTH of these away.