I was wrong...

I was wrong...

24 years ago the Lord saved my soul when I repented, put my full faith and trust in Christ alone and believed the gospel. This involved me, admitting I was wrong about what I believed, concerning how someone is saved from sin.

However, after I got saved, I thought drinking alcohol in moderation was right. The Bible showed me, I was dead wrong about this!

After I got saved, I thought replacing my "Rock'n Roll" music with Christian Rock and Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) was right because someone told me that music is 'amoral'. However, when I learned about the language of music, the distinction found in music and the philosophy taught through Christian Rock and CCM, I had to admit that I was wrong!

After I got saved, I thought all the modern Bible versions were right. I again, was proven wrong.

After I got saved, there was a time when I thought that God just pre-determines who is saved before the foundation of the world. I was wrong.

After I got saved, I thought I was doing a good job as a Christian parent and husband, until some dear Christians and preachers showed me I was wrong.

The point is: my life has been about me, finding out that I was wrong, about most things. And none of this was forced upon me. I've been blessed to have a supportive wife, and many, many Christians who've invested time and effort in teaching me. I would have never received the blessedness of Christian growth without a personal willingness to admit that I was wrong.

The reality is: if I was never willing to be wrong, I would have never grown in my Christian walk. And believe me, I really do hate being wrong. When I am wrong, sometimes it takes me a while...a LONG while, to realize it. But, I believe revival starts in the hearts of individual Christians who are willing to say: "I was wrong"!

I have a lot of growing to do, so it's time for me to stop writing for now, and learn what it is I'm doing today that's wrong, so I can get right.

Someone taught me long ago, to replace saying "I'm sorry", with "Please forgive, I was wrong"!