Cookeville, TN Pride Festival Evangelism Update

Cookeville, TN Pride Festival Evangelism Update

Pilgrim Baptist Church's evangelistic efforts at the Upper Cumberland Pride Festival at Dogwood Park in Cookeville, TN this past Saturday were "fruitful!"

We THANK THE LORD for another opportunity to serve him. We are thankful that we could be used by Christ to proclaim His saving gospel of GRACE to this group of sinners.

Thank you, Eric, for helping build the field pulpit.

Thank you, Jason, for etching 'JESUS SAVES' and our church logo onto the sides of our field pulpit.

Thank you, Charles, for standing up for Jesus by passing out tracts and having one-one-conversations with those lost, and without Christ.

Thank you, Devin, for taking pictures, videos and for keeping an eye on the Antifa members that were around us.

Thank you, Pilgrim Baptist members, for fasting and praying over this outreach.

Many refused the gospels tracts, some ripped them up in front of us. But hundreds of them were given out and read.

Many despised the preaching by yelling and cursing at us, by making vile gestures, and by blaspheming the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

However, one individual did come under conviction during the open-air preaching. He approached our field pulpit and began admitting that he was a sinner and has done some awful things. As I dealt with this man about the salvation of his soul, he began to weep. Within a matter of minutes, 2 of his friends came up and starting pulling him away from the conversation. I pleaded with the 2 friends to let him be, but it was not enough to stop them from pulling him away.

I never got this young man's name, but he left with a gospel tract in his hand, and the gospel of the grace of Christ is his head from the open-air preaching. Please pray that God would send another gospel witness to him this week and that he would TRUST Christ before it's too late.

Additionally, Charles dealt with a man for at least 20 minutes about his soul. He explained to him the gospel, why we're out here and gave him the truth about Biblical love, God's grace and our church's desire to see him come to the knowledge of the truth.

Below are some pictures from this outreach: