You don't need a menu

You don't need a menu

If you go out to eat at Dominick's in the Bronx, you won't receive a menu.

Instead, the waiter will simply ask you: Whadda ya want?

If you respond with: I'd like a menu, you won't get one! He'll return a bit later and ask you the same question: Whadda ya want?

As a matter of fact, you don't need to wait for someone to take your order. Additionally, you can just call out what you want, from your table, and they'll get working on it.

Dominick's doesn't NEED a menu. The people that eat there, trust the chef. They are confident that whatever he prepares will be GOOD for them!

Because it's ALL good, you won't be disappointed that they don't have a menu to choose from.

In like manner, a good, Bible-Believing church won't limit itself to a menu because they understand that preaching ALL the counsel of God is good.

The modern church, however, is limited because of its "menu mentality". They've specifically designed menu's of sermon topics that are allowed to be preached, and others that are not allowed to be preached.

The modern church has figured out that certain topics, verses and doctrines will step on too many toes and cause people to leave or to be offended. For them, the menu is important, it allows them to control the people by limiting what they can pick 'n choose from.

When looking for a church to attend, be sure they preach ALL the counsel of God; because if they have the menu mentality, your family will be limited in what they can learn. As a result, they will miss out on the many spiritual benefits that ALL the counsel of God brings with it.

For example: it's a benefit to...

  • have your toes stepped on because of hard-preaching.
  • come under conviction.
  • have the Word of God offend and convict you.
  • hear preaching AGAINST sin.
  • hear preaching against YOUR sin.
  • have a preacher call sin what it is: SIN!
  • listen preaching on a literal HELL.
  • have your heart softened from a sermon about pride.

The benefit list can go on, when you attend a church without the "menu mentality" and preaches ALL the counsel of God.

When you show up to a church like this, you won't be disappointed; because ALL of God's word is good for ALL of God's people!

If Dominick's is a restaurant for people who trust what the chef has prepared will be good for them, then a Bible-Believing church is for Christians who trust what the preacher has prepared for them, through the power of the Holy Spirit's guidance, will be good for them.