Who Would You Hire, and How Would You Do It?

Who Would You Hire, and How Would You Do It?
Photo by Dan Cristian Pădureț / Unsplash

If you owned a hardware store and were looking for a young man to help sell all the latest high-tech tools on the market, WHO would you hire, and HOW would you do it?

For starters, forget about asking potential candidates to send in their resume. Instead, put a simple sign in your store window that says: Help Wanted!

Each time a young man walks into your hardware store inquiring about the job, take him to the back, where it's one big mess. Show him all your junk boxes that are a mixture of screws, nail and bits.

Then, let him know his job is to sort all the junk. His job is to organize all the matching screws together, all the matching nails together, and all the matching bits together.

This will allow you to sort through all the young men who will take one look at that job and walk out.

However, you'll eventually find a young man who will accept the job. It will probably take him 3-4 days to sort out all the junk, but when he's done, you've just found yourself the right person to sell your latest high-tech tools.

HIRE HIM as your next tool salesmen.

WHY? Because, He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much.