What preaching is not.

What preaching is not.

Preaching is not saying what you want to say. It's saying what God's word says!

If you're using a story illustration, don't make yourself or your hearers out to be the hero. There is only one hero in every sermon and every story illustration: the Lord Jesus Christ!

Preaching is not copying your favorite preacher, evangelist or pastor. Preaching is being who God wants you to be, and preaching with the style God gave you.

Preaching is not losing your identity in someone else. If you're going to do that, then just give me a link to their sermons, so I can listen to the real "THEM". Your hearers are there to hear the real "YOU". Don't be disappointed in how God created you, instead trust that God desires to use YOU, for His Glory!

Preaching isn't spending the first 5–10 minutes telling your hearers how nervous you are or how bad a week you've had. There's a time for that. It's best reserved for prayer requests and opportune times of fellowship. If God's house is full and everybody is there, that means they cared enough to make the drive, and are prepared to sit and listen. So, let's GO! It's time to preach the WORD!

Remember, you're not preaching to those who are NOT there. Focus in on those who are there. Also, preaching is not zoning in on the ones that are not paying attention. Ignore all that, and deliver what God has for His people to hear! Focus on preaching, not on who YOU think should be listening!

Preaching isn't a script to be read or memorized. Preaching is passionately, yet reverently, bringing God's truth alive, so the hearers are compelled to take action for God!

Finally, preaching is not a performance. You don't need to wave in Amen's. You don't need to fish for approval. Carnival behavior is the work of an amateur.

Sure, the occasional "pattern interrupt" is helpful to re-engage your hearers. Sometimes a quick: "HEY" or a loud "HAND CLAP" is in order. But, if your entire sermon is you, yelling "Amen" or "Can I get a witness?", it's best to recalibrate and spend more time in prayer and study during the week.

Preaching should NOT be measured by how well the preacher can rile up his hearers. Sometimes, it's a lot of the rah-rah with no substance.

At the end of every sermon, ask yourself this question: Was God glorified?