Truth can be missed.

Truth can be missed.

Truth isn't relative. Truth claimed to be relative is subjective, conditional, and based on feelings that change all the time.

If someone claims truth is relative, they've done so by making an absolute truth statement, which is a contradictory statement.

Truth is absolute. Absolute truth is consistent and eternal.

No one invents truth. Truth has always existed.

Isaac Newton didn't invent gravity, he simply discovered the laws of it.

The Greek mathematician Diophantus, and the 9th century Muslim mathematician Al-Khwarizmi didn't invent Algebra. All they did was discover a simpler way to dissect complex math problems.

Truth can be discovered and learned, but it can also be accepted or rejected.

The Lord Jesus Christ, the eternal son of God, the creator of all things, who in the beginning WAS, is the inventor of all truth.

Jesus made an absolute truth statement in John 14:6, when He said: I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life.

However, in John 18:38, Pontius Pilate looked "the TRUTH" right in the face and asked: "What is truth?"

The other thing about absolute truth is this: it can stare at you right in the face, and you can miss it.