There are plenty of distractions

There are plenty of distractions

The pandemic wasn't the first distraction to keep Christian's separated and out of church on Sunday.

There are plenty of other distractions that came first. Consider the following:

1970's had the TV
1980's had Computers
1990's had Video Games
2000's had Facebook
2010's had YouTube videos
2020's had a surge of "Social Media".

God's people have always socialized with "face-to-face" connections. Social media is a "screen-to-face" connection. The screen serves as the connection between one person and another.

What's ironic is: that's exactly what the TV, computers & video games prepped us for.

When the pandemic hit, people had already been "trained" for 50 years to sit in front of a screen and listen to what it says.

If you are sick, elderly, handicapped, or your boss requires you to work, that's a legitimate excuse to NOT visit the church-house on Sunday. If that's you, stay home! We have services online that you can watch through a screen.

But if you're distracted with (- fill_in_the_blank -), and that distraction keeps you from the church-house on Sunday and Mid-week services, why not give up the distraction and opt for something better: real, face-to-face, human interaction with your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.