The trap

The trap

When someone offers a better way or a new idea, sometimes they are viewed as arrogant or prideful by those who reject change and are threatened by new ideas.

Could it be that those caught in the trap of "this is the way we've always done it" are the ones who are actually arrogant and prideful.

If someone is silenced every time they have a new idea, they are not the ones struggling with pride. Most times, a new idea is just someone's humble attempt to bring improvement. And improvement is a good thing.

On the more dangerous side, we also must understand there is a trap set by cults. Cults will trap people in the box of NOT questioning authority and keeping quiet. New ideas are not welcome because a cult says: "our way is the only way." The devastating part of this trap is that cults make it seem like it's in your best interest to stay silent in your box.

However, silence is never the answer. In order to break out of the box, you must speak out.

On a positive note, be the person who is bringing new ideas and better ways to your group. A healthy group will welcome a fresh perspective.