The Stress of the Moment

The Stress of the Moment

When a stressful situation hits, it's best to deal with it at that moment.

The solution isn't to panic, overanalyze, overeat or stay up all night obsessing over an outcome you have no control over. These are forms of stall tactics, which often leads to prolonging the stress into the next day and/or adding additional stressful consequences.

Instead, if at all possible, deal with it at that moment.

I'll deal with it tomorrow, is the trap the "stall-tactic" activities get us into. But when tomorrow comes, you've got tomorrow's issues PLUS the one's from yesterday you haven't dealt with yet.

The overwhelming feeling many people have is because they keep putting things off by reasoning they are too stressful to deal with at that moment.

The Bible says:

Psalm 94:19 In the multitude of my thoughts within me thy comforts delight my soul.

When stress comes, replace "stall tactic" activities with "biblical-tactic" activities.

The first is to allow the comforts of the Lord to delight your soul.

The second is prayer.

The Bible talks about: "continuing instant in prayer". Be sure to take biblical action by seeking the Lord's will through fervent prayer concerning your stressful situation.