The sophistication of problem denial

The sophistication of problem denial

When confronted with problems, some people are good at creating distractions by changing the subject. Some are bold enough to completely ignore that anything is wrong.

Some will can stay on topic, but just to make-light of the stated problem.

These mind-tactics are used by people who want to deny that a problem exists.

Denying a problem is sometimes soaked in the idea of the convenience associated with not having to rework, rethink, or re-do something. It's a sophisticated way people use to mask their fear of change!

Some, will actually admit there is a problem. However, this admission is only to argue that's there is nothing that can be done about the problem. They think "sweeping it under the rug" is the best solution because it's too far gone to be fixed.

Some Christians are quick to point out Peter's denial of Christ, but when the finger is pointed at them, they fail to see their own self-denial when a problem needs to be addressed.