The Permissive Parent

The Permissive Parent

The opposite of the dictator parent is the permissive parent.

These are the moms and dads that lack confidence and are always hoping for the best.

Permissive parents are overly attentive to their child's so-called "needs". They believe the key to happiness in the home is to never allow their child to cry, and to always give the child what they want. As a result, the child ends up becoming the king or queen of the castle. These types of parents end up frustrated, and the child ends up rude and spoiled.

Deceptively, the devil and humanistic psycho-babblers have come up with this idea of parenting.

This has resulted in America turning out parents have who have NO BACKBONE, with kids who have NO RESPECT.

The most famous phrase mentioned by frustrated, passive parents is:

"I'm so glad they're in school now. I can finally get a break!"

However, when they get to school, they quickly find out they can't have their carnal desires satisfied there!

The permissive parent is not harsh, they are soft!

The permissive parent is not all rules, they are no rules.

The permissive parent doesn't scream and shout, they bargain.

Permissive parents are not insensitive. Instead, they base everything 100% off the feelings and emotions of the child. "How do you feel?" and "What do you want?" are their go-to questions.

Children with permissive parents never learn to respect authority, accept correction, or be in subjection to their God-given parents.

And although dictator-style parents do provoke their children to wrath, permissive parents are also guilty of doing the same thing.

If this is you, REPENT and make it right!

If this is not you, PRAY it never becomes you!

If you're not sure if this is you, ASK your spouse or child.

Ephesians 6:4 And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.