The Old Book

The Old Book

As new technology continues to emerge, it will continually make what came before it obsolete.

For example: You'll never see anyone using a rotary phone connected to a wall anymore. If, for some strange reason, you did see someone using this old, outdated technology, they would not be able to get much work done at all.

This is not the case with King James Bible. The older it gets, the more precious it becomes. The more you read it, the more you'll grow as a Christian. The tough parts in the King James Bible will stretch you to study more. Books like Psalms and Proverbs will cause you to mediate upon the Lord more.

By default, newer "versions" send the message that the old KJV is outdated and obsolete. The newer "versions" by default, communicate that the old book should sit on a bookshelf as a collector's piece of art. It's compared to, by many, like a rotary phone connected to a wall; in that at one time it was once a great blessing to God's people, but today it's nothing more than a book with outdated, archaic language.

However, the King James Bible is not like new technology that becomes outdated. The King James Bible is a spiritual book that becomes sweeter and more valuable with time. It will never become outdated technology, and without it, you're sacrificing your growth as a Christian.

Psalm 119:140 Thy word is very pure: therefore thy servant loveth it.