The gospel spread

The gospel spread

The gospel spread and the early-church greatly increased during a time when there was no access to cars, trucks, airplanes, fax machines, telephones, computers, social media accounts, internet ads, cell phones, or giant billboards on highways.

The reason for this was because weak men with little resources, who met constant opposition and were severely persecuted and suffered for their faith, fervently prayed to the Great and Mighty God.

Today, "cultured-carnival-Christianity" is full of strong men, with an abundance of resources, who avoid opposition at all costs, are afraid of persecution and addicted to the creature comforts of this life.

As a result, we have many great and mighty building full of people, but the Great and Mighty God, the Lord Jesus Christ, is on the outside of the doors knocking, but the people won't let Him in.

One day the carnival will be over, and the preacher clowns will give an account to God!