The Cross and Thanksgiving

The Cross and Thanksgiving

If Thanksgiving was just a day for you, sadly you've got to wait an entire year to do it again.

However, if Thanksgiving is a daily way of life, you are blessed to be able to give thanks, be thankful and count your blessings again today!

I hope yesterday wasn't just about eating, drinking and being merry?

I hope today isn't only about shopping, and spending?

If they were, that would be considered a Selfish Weekend, not a Thanksgiving weekend.

You could spend all day counting your blessings just by thinking about what Christ did for you on Calvary's cross over 2,000 years ago.

If you honestly meditate upon the cross, your life would dramatically change to one of true Thanksgiving.

Life is about perspective; and the cross of Christ, should cause you to look at things from the right perspective.