Take out the trash

Take out the trash

House cleaning is essential. If you don't do it, the house becomes a mess.

If you never take out the trash, it won't be long until the entire house is overtaken by the smell of it.

Cleaning 1 room is simple. Taking 1 bag of trash out is easy. But, having to clean an entire house, covered in trash and clutter, can be an overwhelming job.

When you get to a point in life when you're entirely overwhelmed, it's easy to allow the messy clutter and the stench of the trash to become a lifestyle.

Sadly, this is a picture of many Christian's lives.

They have allowed too much trash to accumulate in their life. This stops them from getting busy for God. Not only that, but they don't know HOW to "take out the trash." They become overwhelmed, unmotivated, and don't know where to start, or how to go about, cleaning up their life.

The question becomes: do you truly and honestly WANT your life to be better?

Because if you REALLY wanted your house cleaned, and were too overwhelmed to do it yourself, you would spend the money to hire a housecleaner. By watching and learning from them, you would eventually develop the motivation, skills, and the habits that would allow you to keep your house clean, neat and in order.

Likewise, if you REALLY wanted your Christian life to be in order, and were too overwhelmed to do it alone, get in a good Bible-believing church.

Learn from other Christian brothers and sisters in Christ. By watching, learning and spending time with them, you would see how they live. You would gain the motivation, skills, and habits of "taking out the trash" that it's your life.