Super Ba'al Sunday

Super Ba'al Sunday

Dear Christian,

Tomorrow, millions of people who claim to be 'evangelical Christians' will miss church services on purpose in exchange for Super Ba'al worship!

Even more blasphemous is the shocking, sad reality that thousands of so-called 'evangelical preachers' will livestream the big game at their church house as a way of "drawing in big crowds."

Some churches will even cancel Sunday evening services altogether. They will encourage their people to go to a Super Ba'al party instead! This is absolute blasphemy.

If you call yourself a Christian and miss church services tomorrow, you have revealed to everyone that you respect football players and football coaches more than you do God's word, God's people and God's preachers.

If you are a preacher who is playing the Super Ba'al on the big screen at your church house tomorrow evening; or if you have cancelled church services all together because of the Super Ba'al, you MUST come to grips with the undeniable reality that you are being used by Satan, as a deceived hireling, who cares not for the sheep.

IF this, is YOU: I urge you to please read John 10, REPENT, and get right with God! If you don't repent and get right with God, your next best option would be to step down from the pastorate. You are not fit to minister to God's people if you love football more than God, and if you're more excited about the Super Ba'al tomorrow evening, than preaching God's word!

Jesus said: "Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve." Super Ba'al worship is blasphemous in the eyes of our Holy God.

The reason Christians are more excited about the Super Ba'al, than church services tomorrow, is because of idolatry. Idolatry is a work of the flesh, and the Bible tells us to flee it!

Millions of "so-called" Christians will jump to their feet multiple times throughout the big game tomorrow and shout: "TOUCHDOWN!", when their team scores. Yet, most of these same Christians will NEVER jump to their feet during a church service and shout: "AMEN!", when the preacher delivers a powerful truth from the Bible.

"So-called" Christians will spend 3 hours outside, in the cold, yelling, screaming, and cheering, as they lift their voice in celebration to a football team! But if you ask them to stand publically on a street corner and lift their voice for the Lord of Glory, they are NOT showing up.

Many "so-called" Christians will generously give thousands of their hard-earned dollars throughout the year to support the NFL! But, if the preacher asks these same Christians to spend that type of money on missions, evangelism and the work of the ministry, they would accuse the preacher of being "all about the money!" How come these same Christians don't criticize their million dollar football stars of being "all about the money!"

The reason church isn't exciting to you, is because YOU are not excited about church!

The reason God's word isn't exciting to you, is because YOU are not excited about God's word.

The reason why assembling with God's people isn't exciting to you, is because YOU are not excited about God's people!

IF this is you: The problem you have is simple. It's IDOLATRY!

Christ willingly endured the cross for YOU. He was openly put to shame for YOU. The Lord endured the contradiction of sinners against him, and He did it for YOU.

Before you so easily change your allegiance to Super Ba'al worship please consider reading Isaiah 53, Romans 5, Hebrews 12:1-3 & John 19.

If you've gotten this far, and have asked: "What's wrong with football!" You've missed the ENTIRE POINT and need more help than I can give you in this blog post.

Finally, it's likely that tomorrow evening, we will witness the entire nation being given over to idolatry. May God help us!