Street Preacher Arrested

Street Preacher Arrested

Apparently holding a sign, carrying a Bible, and saying GOD in public is against the law.

Damon Atkins, who stood up for Jesus 2 days ago, at Reading, PA's “first ever” pride rally, was arrested.

Depending on what news blurb you read, you could end up seeing headlines that say something like:

"Street Preacher Arrested for Disturbing the Peace!"


"Man Yelling Bible Verses at Pride Event Arrested!"

You see the twist the fake news put on Bible Believers. They describe preachers in the public arena as a disturbance.

This unjust arrest, including some of the unjust headlines, are designed to paint the Christian as the threat. The reality is: the wicked sin that is being celebrated and taught to America's children is the real threat.

They may have dropped the charges against this street preacher, but his arrest was a successful attempt to remove a gospel witness from the public arena during that specific pride festival.

The question I have is: "Where were the other churches and their church members?" My guess is, they weren't there!

I'm thankful our church members were NOT arrested at our local town's wicked Pride Festival last week, where we preached the gospel unashamedly!

However, I can also testify that there were more churches and church members from our town there to support the LGBT sinful lifestyle and their festival, than were there to preach the gospel and stand against this depraved lifestyle.

We are at a point in America where wicked sin is celebrated and a preacher of righteousness is arrested.

Most conservative American's will be upset that a preacher got arrested, but these same Americans will NEVER step one foot out into the public arena to preach the gospel, pass out a gospel tract, or hold a scripture sign.

These same conservatives will get upset that we are losing our rights as American's, yet they HAVE NEVER and WILL NEVER take advantage of the rights that they are so upset about losing.

The biggest joke coming out of conservative republicans is that somehow we are going to fix gay pride festivals and drag queen story hours at libraries by passing laws through Congress. I beg to differ!

The ONLY way to fix this wickedness is through the bold proclamation of the Lord Jesus Christ, and His saving Gospel of Grace! When souls are regenerated, THEN the Holy Spirit will deal with them regarding how they live.

Only Jesus can make a wicked man, with a wicked heart, who is involved with wicked living...CLEAN!

Make no mistake about it – you can't stop the gospel!

Jesus IS STILL the answer!