Step Up

Step Up

People make choices every day.

Some choose to complain, that no church is good enough, spiritual enough or has enough programs for them.

The reality is: most people today are NOT walking into a church-house with a heart for souls and a desire to evangelize the lost. Most don’t even have the ability to endure sound doctrine! As a result, Bible preaching from a King James Bible scares them half to death.

That's just the cold-hard facts! And it’s WHY most churches do NOT have a weekly or even a monthly consistent church-wide effort to reach souls.

However, there are those who choose to rejoice, that there is a good Bible-believing church that stands for something, and believes in preaching all the counsel of God!

When you find THAT...even IF you have to drive an hour to get there on a Sunday morning...stick with it!

If you’re concerned with worldliness in the church and the breakdown of the family, then step-up and join hands with one that's making a difference.

You need to be part of a local-church that teaches the Bible and makes a consistent effort to reach the lost.

And if you want a strong, biblical foundation for your family, you need the fellowship and accountability that comes from other like-minded Christians.

Step up and COMMIT!