Stay away from the edges.

Stay away from the edges.

The young man in this photo is building a chicken house with the help of his dad. He's on the roof, that was built in a nontraditional way. He's also close to the edge of that roof. This takes some responsibility.

But what exactly IS responsibility?

Many live life with a definition of responsibility that says: play it safe, do it the traditional way, don't take risk if something's not proven. And whatever you do, stay away from the edges!!

I say explore the edges, take some reasonable risk, and try it another way! Maybe you don't need the traditional way, maybe you need to exercise some critical thinking. Maybe the phrase: "figure it out," should be used and taught more often.

Doing what you're told, is obedience. There's a time for that.

Doing what you've figured out, gives someone a strong sense of responsibility. I think we need more times like THAT!

We don't need another generation of "play-it-safers." We need a generation of "responsible-risk-takers!"

Enjoy your day, and PLEASE...consider exploring the edge!