Sports, hobbies, and entertainment

Sports, hobbies, and entertainment

When Christian parents are consistent in raising their children in a bible-believing local church, their children learn to:

  • fear of the Lord
  • recognize truth
  • extend charity
  • value the importance of faithfulness
  • pray fervently
  • recognize and make good, Christian friends
  • live honestly and righteously
  • live a holy life unto the Lord
  • be accountable to others
  • walk honestly and godly
  • live with a pattern of good works
  • love souls and demonstrate that love through evangelism.

However, make no mistake about it, the world of sports, hobbies, and entertainment wants your kids.

They want to...

  • train them to live for sports
  • train them to pour all their time and effort into hobbies, and there's plenty of them to choose from.
  • distract and entertain your children out of faithful attendance to a local church.
  • make your kids Christian in name only
  • make them ineffective for the cause of Christ.
  • get them out off church on Sunday and onto the "field"

The world of sports, hobbies and entertainment wants your kids loyal to them, serving them, and giving all your time and money to them.

We need Christian leaders who are willing to stand in the gap and point our young people to place their loyalty to Christ. We must teach them the proper place for sports, hobbies and entertainment.

Remember, as the world works overtime to win the hearts of our young people, we must work double overtime to keep their hearts focused on Christ.

Tomorrow is Sunday. Thank you in advance to all the Christian parents who will bring their children to church. The faithfulness you display is an example to your kids and shows them what is most important.