It doesn't matter how innocent or harmless "something" seems.

IF that "something" keeps you out of church, out of your Bible, and away from Christian fellowship, it's not innocent or harmless at all. That "something" is actually your worst enemy.

The danger for most Christians is not drugs or alcohol; or murder or adultery.

The danger a lot of Christians fall into is getting involved in "something" that is not inherently sinful, in and of itself, at all. It's just that, that "something", consumes their thoughts and their time, and keeps them away from the things of God.

Revelation 12 describes the great deceiver as the great dragon, that old serpent, the Devil, and Satan. He is a master of deception that can transform himself into an angel of light.

The angel of light can deceive you into thinking it's ok to be consumed with that "something" because that "something" isn't really a sin.

The victory over the deception of that "something" is to abide in the light, where there will no "occasion of stumbling".

Deception leaves you in darkness, with your eyes blinded.

Remember 1 John 2:8... the TRUE LIGHT now shineth!