Is Social Media corrupting parents?

Is Social Media corrupting parents?

Sadly, more and more parents have forgotten how to parent because they have become addicted to social media.

YES, just like anything, social media can be used for good or evil. But, statistics report that parents are using social media up to 9 hours a day.

Sadly, a good portion of this includes Christian parents.

Are you a parent that checks your phone, more than you open your Bible? If you are, this pattern is being taught to your children.

Are you a parent that is so busy scrolling, that you've become disconnected from developing real relationships, with real people? If so, you are teaching your children, by your example.

Are you a parent that can recall more about the trending news on social media, than you can the last 2 sermons preached at your local church? If so, it's no wonder your children don't pay attention to the preacher.

I submit that social media addiction is more of a parenting problem, than it is a child problem.