Sitting in Church

Sitting in Church

For decades, Christian parents have taught their children how to obediently SIT in church. Some parents will practice this at home during the week, to prepare for Sunday. When our children were younger, this was something we did.

When Sunday morning arrives, the children will then be reminded by their parents to SIT still in church.

By the time they become grown adults, these children can correctly say: I've SAT in church my whole life.

And they would be 100% correct! They have SAT in church their whole life.

The problem is: that may be all they've ever done, is SIT in church.

The result is: picture-perfect families, obediently sitting in church on Sunday morning and doing absolutely nothing during the week for God.

Children need to be taught...

  • how to serve within and without of the walls of the church-house.
  • how to get the gospel out in the public arena.
  • and that it's OK to make mistakes when doing so.

They need to see...

  • that things don't always go as planned.
  • their parents serving and evangelizing, not just the "youth" pastor or pastor.
  • that it's NOT boring serving the Lord. It's actually fun, and full of adventure.

So, get up and get out doing something more for God than just sitting in church.

James 1:22 But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.