Simulation vs Dissimulation

Simulation vs Dissimulation

A couple of years ago, my son and I got to spend 5 minutes in a flight simulator.

This was not a real flight. It was only a simulation of a real flight. All the simulator did was fake what it was not. It faked a real flight by assuming the appearance of it.

Now contrast this with the word dissimulation.

Both of these words do imply hypocrisy. However, consider the distinction in the WAY the hypocrisy is played out.

While simulation is offering to others, what is not; dissimulation is concealing from others, what is.

Dissimulation is the concealment of your true character. It means you’re disguising what is real by assuming a false appearance to hide your real purpose.

For example: when a person doesn't have any love for someone, and they disguise that by acting like they do have love, this is called dissimulation.

The bible warns about this in Romans 12:9...

Let love be without dissimulation.