Ropes and Ladders

Ropes and Ladders

A man falls deep into a horribly dark pit.

The good news is, he has access to a ladder. The bad news is, the ladder isn't high enough to get him up to ground level.

This man also sees a rope dangling above him. Unfortunately, the rope is out of his reach, making it impossible for him to pull himself up to ground level.

The 2 items, which seem like they would get the job done, leave this man trapped. The only way for this man to be saved is for someone else to reach down and grab a hold of him.

This man cannot be saved by "ropes" and "ladders". The rope doesn't reach down low enough and the ladder doesn't reach up high enough.

In like manner, mankind cannot be saved from their sin by "good works" and "religion". Man cannot do enough good works to pull himself out of the depth of his sin, and religion cannot make him spiritual enough to reach heaven.

Mankind needs someone else to reach down and grab him out of his deep, dark pit of sin. Mankind needs a mediator to save him!

Someone who reigns in the highest, yet reaches down to the lowest. Someone who is able to reach down and grasp every man, no matter how deep he has sunk into sin.

This mediator is none other than: THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!

Sinful man stands at odds, and in disagreement, with a Holy God; and therefore needs a mediator to stand between them and God, for the sole purpose of reconciling them to God.

This is exactly why Jesus came and what Jesus can do for every man!

Stop trusting the "ropes and ladders" of good works and religion to save you. Repent and trust the Saviour today!

1 Timothy 2:5 For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.