Romans 9 - Expository Sermons

Romans 9 - Expository Sermons

A verse-by-verse sermon series containing 11 expository messages from the Book of Romans 9.

Sermon #1: Romans 9 Introduction
Why Israel Is Set Aside? a Closer Look at Romans 9 theology

Sermon #2: Romans 9:1-3
I lie not! Why wish yourself accursed from Christ?

Sermon #3: Romans 9:4-5
8 Special Privileges for the Nation of Israel.

Sermon #4: Romans 9:5
Israel, Christ & God Blessed Forever. Amen!

Sermon #5: Romans 9:6-9
They are not ALL Israel, which are OF Israel?

Sermon #6: Romans 9:9-13
Heads of Nations: the Prophetic Significance of Jacob and Esau!

Sermon #7: Romans 9:14-18
I will have mercy! Moses vs Pharaoh.

Sermon #8: Romans 9:19-20
Who hath resisted God's will? Everyone has!

Sermon #9: Romans 9:21-24
Why You're NOT a Predetermined Vessel!

Sermon #10: Romans 9:22-24
What if God: The purpose of God's MUCH longsuffering!

Sermon #11: Romans 9:30-33
Why Israel foolishly stumbled over Christ?

Sermon #12: Romans 9:32-33
The 3 Tenses of Jesus Christ as the Stone!

Praying these messages are a blessing to the body of Christ.

To God, be the Glory!