Romans 6 - Expository Sermons

Romans 6 - Expository Sermons

A verse-by-verse sermon series containing 11 expository messages from the Book of Romans 6.

Sermon 1: Romans 6:1-2
Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? Romans

Sermon 2: Romans 6:3-4
Spirit Baptism (not water), is the ONE Baptism!

Sermon 3: Romans 6:5-8
You Must Be Planted Together with Christ!

Sermon 4: Romans 6:9-10
Christ died unto sin ONCE! He dieth NO MORE!

Sermon 5: Romans 6:11
Christ lives in you! Reckon your Flesh DEAD!

Sermon 6: Romans 6:12-14
Are you THRILLED to live as an instrument of righteousness!

Sermon 7: Romans 6:12
Let NOT Sin Reign: Warning against the 4 Types of Sin!

Sermon 8: Romans 6:15-18
STOP Sinning: It's NOT normal for Christians!

Sermon 9: Romans 6:19
A solemn warning against the unclean lifestyle of Pagans!

Sermon 10: Romans 6:20-23
Ashamed of sin! Live a life of HOLINESS!

Sermon 11: Romans 6 - Concluding Message
An Expository Sermon Regarding Man Under the Grace of God!

Hoping it's a blessing to the body of Christ.

To God be the Glory!