Romans 11 - Expository Sermons

Romans 11 - Expository Sermons

A verse-by-verse sermon series containing 11 expository messages from the Book of Romans 11.

Sermon #1: Romans 11:1
Israel's Future: Hath God cast away his people?

Sermon #2: Romans 11:2-5
Elijah, you're NOT the only one left!

Sermon #3: Romans 11:5-6
A Remnant according to the election of grace!

Sermon #4: Romans 11:7-8
Nation of Israel: the Election vs the Rest!

Sermon #5: Romans 11:9-10
Israel's Snare: their Table is their Trap!

Sermon #6: Romans 11:11-12
The Great Result of Israel's Stumbling and Fall!

Sermon #7: Romans 11:13-15
Will Israel receive life from the dead?

Sermon #8: Romans 11:16-21
Who is the Root, the branches, and the Olive Tree?

Sermon #9: Romans 11:16
The Blessing of the Firstfruits: Understanding this Eye-Opening Doctrine!

Sermon #10: Romans 11:22
Behold the Goodness and Severity of God!

Sermon #11: Romans 11:23-27
All Israel shall be saved! God will restore His Elect Nation!

Sermon #12: Romans 11:28-29
Why the Gospel and Election are 2 different things!

Sermon #13: Romans 11:30-32
God Proclaims the Richness of His Mercy!

Sermon #14: Romans 11:33-36
How God's Glory is Magnified as the all wise Counsellor & Judge!

I trust these messages will bless the body of Christ.

To God, be the Glory!