Re-Start somewhere

Re-Start somewhere

It doesn't matter how many steps backward you've taken. There is no use wallowing in the past on how bad you started off.

What matters is NOW!

The question that counts is: What are you going to do TODAY?

And there is a such thing as a re-start.

You can re-start somewhere by...

  • getting right with God today.
  • getting serious about the Bible now.
  • realizing the fun-center church has been holding you back and teaching you wrong habits, wrong doctrine and wrong living.

Re-start now, by finding a true, Biblical church that will challenge you to learn doctrine, live right, and evangelize to the lost.

We've all started off on the wrong foot on something.  For that reason, the phrase: "You have to start somewhere" should really be changed to: "You have to RE-start somewhere."

Too many people live in the past. You can't change the past, and you can't change where you've started, but you CAN re-start on something today!