Pray everywhere!

Pray everywhere!

Pray EVERYWHERE, not just at the church house!

• The men on the ship with Jonah prayed.
• Jonah is found praying inside a belly of a fish.

• Lot prays as he's running to safety.
• Abraham's servant is praying while sitting on a well.

• Nehemiah is in the middle of a conversation with a king, and he starts praying.

• Paul is found as the shore praying.
• Both Paul & Silas pray while in jail.

• Jesus is found praying on a mountain, in a garden, on a cross!

The problem the Jews had was they thought they were something special by praying at the temple; as if praying at a special location put them closer to God.

Unfortunately, a lot of Christians today have adopted this same mindset. Some think that if they pray at the church house, they are somehow really plugged in to God.

But the Bible says that God …dwelleth not in temples made with hands.

By all means, pray at the church house. However, we must understand that God wants all Christians to PRAY EVERYWHERE!

Prayer is not about a special location, it's about a special time of fellowship with our Lord.

1Timothy 2:8 I will therefore that men pray every where...