People and the weather

People and the weather

The weather forecast is constantly changing. If we trust the forecast, we'll likely be let down when the weather "rains on our parade".

People are a lot like the weather forecast. They can change without notice. They are sunny one day, then stormy the next. A calm demeanor can easily change into a raging storm.

If you trust people, you'll likely be let down

Their forecast might show that they like you. However, don't be disappointed when that forecast suddenly changes when you can't offer them what they want.

We can't change people, any more than we can change the weather. Only God can do that.

Let's spend more time praying that God would change the temperature of the hearts of people...both who are saved and lost!

Trusting people is developed as we walk through the various weather conditions with them. Over time, we'll find out what they're really made of, and who they really are.

During that process, we're all better off keeping our eyes on God and trusting Him to see us through these storms of life. After all, He's the one that can rebuke the wind, calm the sea, and control of the weather.