Parents, be the influence

Parents, be the influence

Back in the old days of the agrarian lifestyle, public schools designed time off, so children could help their families harvest their crops.

Their school break was based around the harvest seasons. It was NOT a time for the kids to "veg out", instead they were outside picking vegetables.

Although summer break is upon is, summer is still a great time to learn and to work. Even though the season of book learning may come to an end, summer isn't the season to STOP learning. It's actually an excellent opportunity to spend time learning NEW things, reading NEW books, and exploring NEW adventures.

Our culture has also built "babysitting activities" into summer break. Parents rabidly scramble to find enough activities to keep their kids busy, so they don't have to. There is a day camp for just about everything nowadays. And although, having things to do is important, especially to fill idol time; it's also equally important for parents to be their kid's best babysitter.

In other words, find things to do with your children. Find church activities to do with your children. Create home chores and projects to do with your children.

Whatever you do, don't leave it up to our culture to determine who your children are influenced by.