Pagers vs Cell Phones

Pagers vs Cell Phones

I graduated from High School in 1991, during that era cell phones weren't "a thing", but pagers were.

A pager was a wireless radio communication device that did not rely on cellular technology. It would beep when you received a message, so it was also called a beeper.

If you had a "beeper" or "pager" you were considered one of the cool kids. However, no young person today would ever think of owning a pager.

Believe it or not, the pager is still in use. Its network reliability, solves the problem of "dead zones" and "poor coverage areas". The paging network can deliver instantly, to a group of people, with no "lag time".

Of course, these benefits only become important in times of an emergency. When seconds count, or when a cellular network is down because of a storm, it's much better to rely on a pager than a cell phone.

When communication becomes a life or death issue, the pager beats the cell phone. It's one reason why the medical field still uses them. If you don't believe me, check out Spok, one of the leading providers of pagers here:

The point is, just because the majority of the modern world calls something "out of date", it doesn't mean that it is.

Take, for example, the King James Bible. Most churches would say it's not as reliable as the modern versions. Even the majority of Christians would say it's an old, outdated book.

However, there are still some churches who understand there are no "dead zones" or "poor coverage areas" with the King James Bible.

Right now, our country is in the middle of a spiritual emergency. I believe those churches who are preaching from the "reliability" of the King James Bible will be able to offer the best solution for those seeking shelter in this time of storm.

If you believe that we're living in a time when seconds count, then let's get that old King James Bible back behind pulpits and in the laps of those sitting in our churches.

You may not be considered one of the "cool churches", but you'll benefit from not having any "lag time".