Time & Money is Funny!

Time & Money is Funny!

It's a funny thing...

Some Christians can easily spend $30 a week on fast food, but can't spend $30 a week on missions.

A lot of Christians will spend 2–3 hours a day mindlessly scrolling social media, but can't spend 2–3 hours a week with their local church's evangelistic efforts.

Many Christians spend at least $100 a month for cell phone service, but can't afford to give $100 a month to their local church.

If a Christian can invest the time and money on a $2,000 a year family vacation, I'm almost certain they can take that same discipline and invest that type of time and money into their local church's building project.

It's funny how time and money always seems to be there for the things we want.

Why don't more Christians, WANT to invest their time and money into the greatest establishment on earth: the local, New Testament Church?

After all, it is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth!