Man-Centered Promotion

Man-Centered Promotion

Knock more doors.

Pass out more tracts.

Witness to more people.

Run a Facebook ad.

Create a better church logo.

Preach open air.

Host a conference.

Have a rally.

Write a blog post.

Promote another "in-reach" or "outreach"

Interrupt someone's day.

Push your website out to more people.

Preach loud.

Preach louder!

Preach the LOUDEST!!

Get the word out.

Add another ministry.

We have the ability, the freedom and the resources to get out tons of Christian information. We can print it, we can post it, and we can preach it.

But, is the solution to add more information, have more ministries, do more evangelism or host more conferences?

The humblebrag about how many ministries you're involved in, or how many tracts you passed out, isn't impressive.

There's a difference between worshiping your ministry, as opposed to being a good minister!

If the increased focused to get the word out, results in a decreased focus on Christ, that's a problem. If the focus is on the push, that focus needs to shift, so it's on Christ.

I propose we MUST magnify Christ in such a way, that the people God has called us to serve, see how wonderfully glorious Christ is.

When those individual hearts see the marvelous beauty of Jesus Christ, they will cry out to know and love Him more! As a result, they will have a passion to tell others about the only wise God and Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ!

To Him alone, belongs glory and majesty, dominion and power!

When Christ uses people, God is glorified! When people use Christ, it's just man-centered promotion.