Making decisions

Making decisions

Decisions need to be made, each and every day.

Some decisions aren't for you to make, other decisions are.

It's ok to rejoice in the decisions that don't involve your input. However, the ones that do, you must not shy away from them. For many people, they are in a fog, if asked to make a decision.

This inability to make decisions comes from a fear of consequences.

Some, fear being blamed, if something goes wrong.
After all, the dreaded phrase: "It's YOUR fault!" can be a crushing statement.

Some fear accountability.
They are afraid of dealing with correction or input from others.

Some fear work.
They are afraid of being asked to go back and re-work or revise the idea, project or plan.

When it's YOUR turn to make a decision, don't shy-away from it.

It's OK, if your decision isn't perfect.
It's OK, if you get input from others.
It's OK, if you're asked to re-work or revise your idea.

It's NOT ok to avoid it.

When it's YOUR turn to make a decision, rejoice that you've got a turn.

Now go make a good decision! (no pressure

Proverbs 2:6 For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.