Jesus Saves and Loves

Jesus Saves and Loves

One of our young people drew this up, and gave it to me this past Sunday.

As a small, bible-believing church, we do not have the desire for the modern frills to keep people coming back like a rock band with an expansive light show, a multi-million dollar playground, or a Jehovah Java Coffee Bar and Café.

Instead, we have something better: THE BIBLE!

For that reason, it's a priceless blessing to be part of a church where the young people enjoy being there, because THE BIBLE is taught.

From day one, we've purposed before God to just stick with THE BOOK. Our young people are catching this vision, and seeing how fun it is to learn the Bible.

The growth may be slow, but the fellowship is sweet, and the Lord is right on time!

The next generation is being raised up at Pilgrim Baptist. Please pray for our young warriors and warriorettes for Christ!

And as the picture attached says:

The doors are always open. Jesus Saves and Loves!