I'm too busy...

I'm too busy...

People are busier than ever and have a LOT to get done.

As a result, handwritten notes have been replaced with quick text messages.

A polite greeting of saying "Hello" to someone, has been replaced with walking past them without notice, as our heads are buried in our phones.

The phrase, "excuse me," has been replaced with, "get out of my way." Of course, we may not SAY that because it will make US look bad. Instead, we just think it.

Holding the door for others doesn't happen much, because we're in a rush and have somewhere to be.

Church life has drastically changed too. People used to arrive at the church-house 20 minutes early to fellowship, pitch in with any last minute needs, and be there to talk to and greet visitors. Nowadays, frequent and early church attendance has become secondary because we're so busy attending to other needs.

There is a time when a quick text is all that's needed.

In times of emergency, I can understand, not holding the door for someone.

It's reasonable to have your head buried in your phone, when you're waiting for those new baby pictures!

But this should be the exception, not the everyday norm.

Maybe the mindset of "I gotta do, what I gotta do," needs to be replaced with Psalms 46:10 Be still, and know that I am God!