Ignoring the work

Ignoring the work

By default, AI causes us to ignore the work.

It's a quick fix to "writer's block". However, it robs us of the dance of sweating over the details after we've spent hours working on a project.

Because people are obsessed with getting on to the next thing, AI has taught them to ignore the work.

AI has taken the beauty of being "in the moment", and has replaced it with, "onto the next thing"; and the end result of the project, becomes a product of the algorithm.

If Christian's aren't careful, they will inadvertently replace the work of Holy Spirit with the work of the algorithm.

Christians need their OWN prayer life, and their OWN Bible study time.

Pastors need to pray, study, meditate, and labor over their OWN sermons.

We must be committed to doing the work, not ignoring the work!

If you're a Christian, you have something so much MORE powerful to tap into, instead of AI: it's called the Holy Spirit.

The reality is, you don't need AI...you need HS.