Identifying SELF

Identifying SELF

If Christian's aren't careful, they will start blaming the world and the devil for all of their problems in life. And there is no doubt that the temptations this world-system brings before us are difficult to deal with. However, this is not always where the problem lies.

Sometimes, "SELF" is the problem. The main problem with "SELF", or our "FLESH", is that it is constantly resisting the Holy Spirit.

Since "SELF" is the problem, "SELF-help" isn't the solution. The solution is to start crucifying the lusts of the flesh. But in order to do that, we've got to be able to start identifying and owning what needs to be crucified.

Here's a list to get you started in identifying SELF problems...

  • Procrastination
  • Perfectionism
  • Being late
  • Being consistently, non-consistent
  • Looking for shortcuts, rather than focusing in on the long-game
  • Not listening to constructive criticism
  • Taking criticism personal
  • Bottling up feelings and emotions rather than having a rational conversation
  • Staying busying with activity that isn't useful, helpful or spiritual
  • Setting the bar too high for yourself and others
  • Setting the bar too low for yourself and others
  • A refusal to give definite answers, and/or set clear-cut deadlines.
  • A refusal to delegate tasks to capable others
  • Not completing projects, lessons, tasks or jobs.
  • Feeling dissatisfied when things aren't always as exciting as you think they should be
  • Spiritualizing the reason why you're not getting done what needs to be done
  • Asking the wrong questions
  • Making fun of the right questions, when asked toward YOU
  • Always ready to ask more questions in order to avoid making a decision
  • Always staying busy, as to avoid real human-connection and communication
  • Always blaming someone or something for life's obstacles
  • Fear of commitment as a shield to protect yourself from accountability and/or failure
  • Being closed-minded to new ideas, because it's not your idea, or because the new idea, goes against how you've always done it

All of these things are rooted in self as the center, instead of Christ as the center. The Bible calls it pride, and it's best to own the fact that we've been resisting the Holy Ghost when we do these things and repent.